Peanut Cream with Sugar Free Milk Chocolate by CORINTO – 20% Greek Pistachio

Discover CORINTO’s delicious pistachio cream with sugar-free milk chocolate. Among its characteristics, the high percentage (20%) of Greek pistachio gives it a strong aroma and intense colour, combined with the delicious sugar-free milk chocolate for the perfect taste experience.

Perfect for any use in your kitchen:

Apple: Great for your breakfast, on bread or toast.
Perfect for your breakfast or on top of bread or on toast: Suitable for filled pastries such as croissants, cookies and more.
Topping: ideal for covering and decorating cakes and pastries.
Cake and cake topping: Add it on top of your ice cream for added flavor and texture.
Topping: Perfect for cake topping, giving it a unique taste and look.

This sugar-free milk chocolate peanut butter cream is the ultimate choice for those seeking deliciousness without the added sugar. Made with love and attention to detail, it is the perfect treat for any time of day.







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