a liquid sensory feast

Hailing from the blessed land of the prefecture of Corinth, a place of myths and exquisite natural beauty, Corinto specializes in the production of a single varietal extra virgin olive oil, pressed entirely from Manaki olives.


The Manaki olive variety is inextricably woven with Corinthian soil. This part of Greece, where mountains meet the sea, is full of wildlife scents and aromas of grass and leaves. In each and every bottle of Corinto extra virgin olive oil, we aim to encapsulate the essence of this land. 

Harvest begins around the middle of October and lasts until early December. Manaki olive oil is instantly distinguished by its yellow-green colour, determined by the maturity of the harvested olive fruit, as well as its fruity aroma, which carries the natural whiffs of our olive groves. Our whole process at Corinto, from harvest to standardization, is designed to bring out and accentuate the impressive qualities of this variety and showcase its distinction as the quintessential extra virgin olive oil.


Full taste, low acidity and smooth aftertaste that leaves an essence of spice: the three elements of Corinto olive oil’s taste profile. 

Just a few drops of Corinto extra virgin olive oil is what it takes to elevate every dish, from gourmet creations to a delicious salad. And its properties are not strictly gustatory… Corinto olive oil can form the ideal basis for a Mediterranean diet, simultaneously offering you authentic flavour and an array of health benefits inherent to the consumption of high-quality olive oil.



Each olive’s journey, from harvest to standardization, is made out of a number of procedures, selected and implemented to warrant the final products’ purity.


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      New Corinto's Olive Oil Bottle
      Introducing a True Collector’s Item:
      Limited Edition CORINTO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      An ancient artifact is resurrected for our limited edition bottle, inspired by and serving as a tribute to the deeply-rooted and long-lasting connection between the olive tree and the land of Corinth.